Best Drinks in Dearborn

Are you looking for the best drinks in Dearborn? Then head down to Oakwood Bar & Grill! For years, The Oakwood has been a great spot for locals to enjoy themselves after a long day of work. Whether you are stopping in for lunch or dinner, you can always find an amazing atmosphere and great […]

Non-GMO Steaks and Chicken at Oakwood Bar & Grill

When people decide to eat out at a restaurant, they expect to receive the best quality food. Unfortunately, many restaurants use GMO meats and vegetables which can lead to severe health consequences. Here at Oakwood Bar and Grill, we care about our patrons and want to serve them the best quality food.  That’s why we […]

Eat Burgers and Sandwiches at Oakwood

Are you looking for some tasty food to eat in Dearborn? Whether you’re looking for a nice spot to spend your lunch break or a hearty meal to feed your family and friends in the early afternoon, Oakwood Bar & Grill has it all. Oakwood has a full menu filled with tasty options with a […]

Spicy Dishes at Oakwood

Are you craving something spicy? There are plenty of people who seek a little tangy edge to their meal. However, not all your family or friends would want to go to a restaurant that exclusively serves spicy foods. At Oakwood Bar & Grill, we strive to have dishes that can satisfy the taste buds of […]

Summertime Fun at the Oakwood!

It is time for summertime fun! At the Oakwood Grill, we are ready to enjoy the summer season! While many of us still have to keep our day jobs, that doesn’t mean that we cannot enjoy the summer right in our neighborhood. Local communities often put on summer festivities for people to enjoy. That includes […]

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