Non-GMO Steaks and Chicken at Oakwood Bar & Grill

Non-GMO Steak and ChickenWhen people decide to eat out at a restaurant, they expect to receive the best quality food. Unfortunately, many restaurants use GMO meats and vegetables which can lead to severe health consequences. Here at Oakwood Bar and Grill, we care about our patrons and want to serve them the best quality food.  That’s why we have switched to serving non-GMO steak and chicken. 

What is GMO Steak and Chicken?

GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. These are animals or vegetables that have been genetically modified in ways that would not occur authentically in nature without human intervention. Genetic engineering serves to make animal meat and produce more available in volume to the food industry. This occurs through the introduction of broad-spectrum antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and other chemicals to improve the growth and development of livestock and crops. By using these chemicals on animals, more meat can be collected at faster rates of speed. This allows producers to turn more of a profit and allows businesses to secure larger inventories at cheaper prices.

Why You Should Avoid Eating GMO Foods

There are a multitude of reasons why GMO foods should be avoided when possible. While genetically modified foods can be beneficial to producers in the food industry, they can affect the health of consumers. Firstly, the chemicals used to modify plants and animals are often harmful to the environment. Pesticides can have negative impacts on nature and can ruin both soil and water sources. Furthermore, GMO foods can be detrimental to human health. They can trigger immune responses that cause allergies and may be linked to major health issues such as cancer.

Get Healthy Food at The Oakwood Grill

Overall, eating foods that are not exposed to harmful chemicals is much better for the environment, nutrition, and long-term health. You can do this by eating locally sourced food, quality ingredients, and healthy portions.  So, if you’re looking for a restaurant to enjoy quality food, come to the Oakwood Bar and Grill in Dearborn! We have an extensive menu filled with healthy and tasty options that will appeal to everyone!